Les questions de Notre-Dame

Le Sunday National m’a demandé d’expliquer à ses lecteurs les réactions à l’incendie de Notre-Dame, le 15 avril dernier. J’ai décrit l’émotion sincère face aux dommages subis par un monument cher au coeur des Français mais aussi le malaise face au déferlement de millions débloqués comme par miracle. Je reproduis ci-dessous l’article publié ici.

Pascale Caussat: Notre-Dame fire raises important questions

PEOPLE of Glasgow know what it is to cry over a national treasure. When the Glasgow School of Art, Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s masterpiece, was destroyed by the flames not only once but twice, you felt a sense of loss similar to mourning for a loved one.

You didn’t only lose the intricate carvings of wood and stone, the delicate pieces of furniture and interior design, the amount of skills that came into the conceiving and manufacturing of the space.

You also recalled the moments you spent there, the people who studied between those walls, the time and passion that were put into the renovation.

On top of that, you felt anger for the recklessness that could let that tragedy occur.

All the emotions felt towards a 19th century building are multiplied when applied to a cathedral that was erected 850 years ago. Last Monday, the images of the fire engulfing the roof of Notre-Dame and raging dangerously close to the two bell towers were a heartbreak.

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